What patients say About Optimum Physical Therapy

Our goal is for our patients to not only recover, but to prevent future re-injury and obtain an Optimum quality of life

Salutes to the entire staff at Optimum. This was my second time around to have you put the parts together again. First, you put my arm back to working condition, and then recently you got me up on my feet after a fall. The exercises worked miracles and I am up and going. However, it is my firm belief that a major roll in recovery is the tender loving care and concern that greets you at the door to your reception area. You restore confidence and belief that you will be healthy and happy again. So many thanks to each and everyone of you. You are near and dear to me. Hope to see you soon as a friend, not a client.
Thank you for the exceptional care. You are such a wonderful and caring group to all your clients. Thanks to your commitment and enthusiasm. I continue my exercises and have been doing morning walks with my husband the past few weeks. Blessings to all, with much appreciation.
Joanne K
To the best staff of people anywhere. Thanks for all your help, each and every one of you. Watch for me on Dancing with the Stars next season.
Thank you for helping me get stronger after my knee surgery. My walking has improved and I am walking a 1 mile track four times a week without limping. I ride the bike three times a day and do many of the exercises that you taught me. Thank you again for all your help and encouragement.
A special Thank you. It's nice to know that there are still people who take such pleasure in doing special things and making others feel good. Thank you to Sne, Esmeralda, Ben, Adina and all the staff of Optimum Physical Therapy.
I have been remiss in sending my deepest thanks for everyone’s efforts in helping me through all the physical challenges sent my way this year. I so appreciate all the patience and skill extended to me over the months of therapy. While I reserve special recognition of John's and Sne’s efforts to reduce my pain and endless encouragement, all of you contributed to my healing with your support. It took me a while to get my act together and decide what I can send to a wonderful group of people who value their health.
Thank you to one fine professional organization that helped me greatly with recovery from my elbow injury. Everyone on the staff contributed in a true team spirit. The atmosphere is friendly and makes the time fly by. The exercises are well thought out to maximize the healing process. You always keep to a punctual schedule which is not easy to do. Good job! I consider you all friends and if anyone needs anything, don't hesitate to call on me. Best regards and GO CUBS!
I'm nearing the end of my sessions and I have a sad and dissapointed comment; that I'm near the end of my therapy and that's good news, but the experience and results are so great that I'm going to miss these People (friends now) and place. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. I consider myself an athlete, so recovery at the fullest was the only alternative for me, and optimum delivered 100%. The only problem is that it became like a second home to me and i'm going to really miss it. Wow! almost over and I feel great! I worked with just about everybody on the staff, so thanks to everybody!
Thank you so much for working and helping me to get better each day. I will remember all you taught me and will keep up the exercising.
Nancy O.
Thank you for the great physical therapy I have received recently and also in the past. Should I need physical therapy in the future, I will certainly return to Optimum.
Johanna R.
Thank you so much for all you did for me, to help me with my cervical and occipital neuralgia. Tourette’s has taken its toll on me, but your care and support, and exercises have greatly improved my quality of life. I couldn’t have asked for more. You guys are great!
Diane K.
I wanted to thank you all for the effort you made in making my shoulder stronger and more mobile. Each one of you showed eagerness and enthusiasm as you helped me every time.
Eva S.
Thank you for making my life easier. My horizons have opened up and I am able to again take on activities that I thought were long gone. You have softened the exercises with excellent conversations and this I shall miss. Keep up the good work with others that need it.
Dorothy C.
Thank you for the exceptional care. You are such a wonderful and caring group to all your clients. We are leaving for Greece today- thanks to your commitment and enthusiasm. I continue my exercises and have been doing morning walks with my husband the past few weeks.
Joanne K.
Thank you so much for your dedication, patience and unfailing good humor.
Marge L.
My thanks to everyone at Optimum Physical Therapy especially John and Colleen, whose healing hands and caring helped me recover from a neck injury which rocked my world. I am feeling like my old self again and have already shot a couple rounds of golf. I was hoping my treatment at Optimum would improve my game but I guess you can’t have everything.

Everyone I met at Optimum was warm and friendly and that means a lot when you are trying to recover from an injury. I appreciate everyone’s help and kindness and would recommend Optimum PT to everyone. Have a great summer; I know I will, now that I can turn my head without any pain.
Peg M.
You are all awesome! Thanks for helping me get my legs back. Thanks for teaching me much more than you might think you did. Thanks most of all for your friendship. I am blessed to have known each of you and to have had you working with me!
Cathy H.
Thank you for making me feel whole again. Because of your care, I can look forward to my granddaughter’s wedding. Hemal, I shall recommend anyone to come see you for help and your good humor.
Dorothy S.
Thank you so much for helping me back on my feet. You became like family to me and I am going to miss you both.
Laurie J.
Thank you for your professional evalution and management of my left leg disorder. With your skillful exercises, treatment and informative explanations, I now have an understanding of my situation and actually feel better. I am grateful to you and your staff for the patience and kindness extended.
Mary M.
Thank you all so much for the excellent therapy, kindness and friendship during my recovery after rotator cuff surgery. I had no idea how much fun rehab was going to be when I began in April! All of you make your patients feel so welcome and cared for, and I’m going to miss seeing all of you. You aren’t simply my therapists- you are my friends. I promise to continue my rehab at home and I’ll stop in again. I truly appreciate all you did to help me regain functionality in my shoulder.
Jill S.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the outstanding PT services you provided for me. It was always fun to come and do my exercises and spend time getting to know you. I will highly recommend you to everyone I know. Stay warm in the windy city and again, my sincere appreciation for all your help.
Francine T.
I just wanted to thank you all for such a great experience. I have learned so much from you all and have enjoyed everyday of being there. You are such great people to work with. I will miss you all!
Krista M.
Thank you so much, John, for all your help with my recovery and for everyone’s friendship. Wishing you all many years of health, happiness and much success for the future. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.
Bev S.
Thank you again for your gifts of healing sore muscles and joints. I appreciate all you do.
Kathleen G.

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